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GM-MINI ride-on floor scrubber

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Gaomei GM-MINI floor scrubber (ride-on floor scrubber) Product Overview:

GM-MINI Gaomei mini floor scrubber, a "high cleaning efficiency," the high-quality washing vehicles.

GM-MINI, as a new benchmark for small washing vehicles, to create a "drive to do cleaning," the new


The benefits of Gaomei GM-MINI :

◎ workers: to change the clean image of workers and dirty and tired nature of the work.

◎ users: to improve the cleanliness of the application of the level and image.
◎ company: to open a car,the equivalent of a department to create efficiency and wealth.



GM-MINI washing machine high US mini washing six advantages:

1. Charge an electricity, wash area up to tens of thousands of square meters, creating efficiency and wealth.

2. Clean technology, significantly improve the use of clean and sanitary standards.

3. 58 decibels, driving, quiet and comfortable.

4. 1.2 meters of body length, can enter all the elevator, competent multi-floor work.

5. Space small area of work, but also play a very smart advantage.

6. Simple operation, no special training








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